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ANSA KL visit Rumah Ozanam Klang Orphanage for their CSR Christmas Activity

28 December 2016, Official Press Release




On Tuesday 5th December 2017 nine ANSA staff visited an orphanage in Klang to bring them Christmas cheer. Altogether there were 11 boys and 9 girls aged 5-12 years old.


With the help of Berjaya Times Square Hotel catering, ANSA were able to provide the children and their helpers a special Christmas lunch. All the children enjoyed the food especially the Gingerbread men!


After lunch ANSA staff handed out ANSA colourful balloons as well as specially packed Christmas gifts containing pencils, candy, ANSA mugs and more. The children were very excited and quickly put their gifts under the Christmas tree to open on Christmas day.


Prior to the Christmas event ANSA asked the Orphanage if we could help provide them with any groceries, linen or repairs around the home. The orphanage was delighted when ANSA staff arrived with groceries for the boys and girls home including powdered milk, nestum, oats, cereals, sauces and some treats. Linen including towels and also bibles were also donated to the home. Throughout the event two of ANSA’s maintenance staff repaired various items around the home including a broken cupboard door panel, a toilet flush and emptying leaves from the roof gutter.


As a thank you to ANSA, the girls performed a dance routine to the song “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten. Everyone enjoyed the entertainment and after this it was time to say goodbye and so ANSA wished all the children a Merry Christmas before returning back to the hotel.


28th December 2017