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From MYR312.00 per room per night for Deluxe room
for 2 adult with Starbucks  and Parkson voucher.
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Package starts from MYR285.00+ exclusively for
business travellers who is always on-the-go!
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Does your company spend a lot on hotel accommodation when traveling?

If Kuala Lumpur is your frequent destination, we’re here to offer you smart accommodation in a central location without having to pay too much. Besides a great address in the heart of the city, connectivity, convenience, and a comfortable space with everything you need for a good night’s sleep, a corporate contract with Ansa Kuala Lumpur gives you better prices and exclusive perks for your business trips.

Our Corporate Clients Enjoy
• Special rates
• Complimentary room category upgrades
• Late check out with no extra charges
• Free wireless internet access

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